Analytica is an organizational development firm that focuses on research, organizational design, and process consulting in the field of strategic development and strategy management.   The firm provides  services in four practice areas: analytics, strategy, performance and facilitation.

Analytics.  In the field of analytics the firm specializes in four types of studies

Context analyses which assist clients to understand the strategic issues that are facing them.

Systems analysis which assists clients to understand a community issue, rather that be homelessness or economic growth, from the perspective of how all the parts are fitting together or not.

Operational and organizational analyses which assist clients to understand how to improve performance, productivity or efficiency.

Impact analysis or program evaluation which assists clients to understand the benefits and return on investment of the programs or activities they are supporting.

Strategy.  In the field of strategy the firm develops both strategic plans and strategy management systems to implement those plans.  The firm specializes in strategic planning at the local government level and in the health and human services field but does provide strategy services for private sector firms.

Performance.  This practice area encompasses the design of systems to ensure that strategy is effectively implemented.  It includes integrated performance management systems, the development of performance metrics and processes to ensure that strategy is regularly reviewed and updated.

Facilitation.  The firm provides consulting on the design of effective group work processes, particularly on complex public policy or organizational topics that may be highly controversial or difficult for a group to work through without some assistance form a neutral party.  It provides highly skilled and experience facilitation services to assist groups to work through issues in a timely and productive manner. The firm projects in facilitation fall into four major categories: facilitation of corporate and  executive retreats, facilitation of issue focused multi-stakeholder groups, public engagement,  and facilitation services that occur as part of strategic planning, organizational development or organizational assessment projects.